Oh, it was brought'n

If you weren't there this weekend, shame on you. You missed a lot of fun and some kickin chili! The Playwrights Foundation took the overall critic favorite, but Crowded Fire walked away with two fan favorites. Impact's not so secret ingredient by the name of ostrich had everyone tasting and Fools Fury managed a dessert chili with chocolate.

The critics took their job very seriously, but seemed to have a good time as well. You can check out what they had to say about the experience on their blogs: Karen D'Souza, Chad Jones, and Chloe Veltman.

Thanks to everyone that came out!


Chili Cook Off This Saturday

We've got the Chili Cook Off against Fools Fury, Impact, and the Playwrights Foundations coming up this Saturday. Put a few theater companies in the room together and the smack talk begins:

Impact claims they are going to "to put the splatdown on those other companies" while the Playwright's Foundation promises to "kick some butt." As for us, well, I think our name alone gives us a bit of an advantage, don't you?

Fools Fury challenges you all to "get your eat on." So, do come on out this Saturday afternoon...there will be tons of chili (waaaaay more than we can pass off to starving actors at the Z), raffles, prizes, and live music. It's sure to be a good time and it benefits all participating organizations.

You'll also be able to rub elbows with our 'celebrity judges:'
Karen D'Souza (her plug here)
Chad Jones (his plug here)
Chloe Veltman (awaiting Chloe's plug here ;-)


For those that missed it

Here's a link to the aforementioned pontification.

And for further pontification, check out Chloe Veltman's response.


Tune in tomorrow

Kent will be appearing on KQED's Forum with Michael Krasny discussing small theater in the Bay Area tomorrow morning from 10-11. (88.5) Tune in to listen to him pontificate. He is astonishingly good at it. Really.


Hot of the Press

Erik Ehn has recently informed us that the working title for his new piece is (drum roll, please) BURNT UMBER. You can catch Erik's piece in our Matchbox Reading series this coming weekend. Patrick Alparone, Anna Buillard, Alex Creighton, Lawrence Radecker, and Patricia Silver join the previously announced cast members (Jason Wong and Ellen Scarpaci), in
the workshop reading on Saturday, August 18 at 3 pm at Intersection for the Arts. Hope to see you there.


The skinny

Matchbox Readings (that's hot!)
Come make the fire crowded as we gather around some great new voices in the American Theater.

Liz Duffy Adams of One Big Lie fame returns with her newest offering, The Listener, directed by Fireside Chat superstar, Kent Nicholson.

Ms. Rebecca Novick continues her relationship with 'maid author, Erik Ehn, by workshopping a brand new piece so hot, it doesn't even need a title (yet).

And where is it hotter than Florida? Local Legend, Octavio Solis, will be directing a mournful love story set in Key Biscayne by Stephanie Fleischmann.

And lastly, help us welcome a young fresh face, Lizz Edele, who's fierce new play, About the Dogs, will have it's full draft reading debut with the help of Jessica Heidt's direction.

But perhaps the hottest tidbit is the fact that many of Crowded Fire's talented ensemble will cause the stage to sizzle in this series. Don't miss all your favorites, Juliet Tanner, Jason Wong, Paul Lancour, Cassie Beck, Erin Gilley, Michele Leavy, and Lawrence Radecker, plus many special guest appearances by other local thespians.

Show your face at the Bonfire at Ocean Beach on Saturday night, and we'll stuff a S'more in it!

We really like our name. And Vacant Fire Theater Company doesn't have the same ring.
Come out so we can stay Crowded!


A vow to be better...

Ok we admit it, we lost the momentum with this here blog, but we are doing some internal strategerizing and will hopefully be up and running with posts on a regular basis soon. We've just got to find that rhythm and some eager bloggers within the ensemble.