Chili Cook Off This Saturday

We've got the Chili Cook Off against Fools Fury, Impact, and the Playwrights Foundations coming up this Saturday. Put a few theater companies in the room together and the smack talk begins:

Impact claims they are going to "to put the splatdown on those other companies" while the Playwright's Foundation promises to "kick some butt." As for us, well, I think our name alone gives us a bit of an advantage, don't you?

Fools Fury challenges you all to "get your eat on." So, do come on out this Saturday afternoon...there will be tons of chili (waaaaay more than we can pass off to starving actors at the Z), raffles, prizes, and live music. It's sure to be a good time and it benefits all participating organizations.

You'll also be able to rub elbows with our 'celebrity judges:'
Karen D'Souza (her plug here)
Chad Jones (his plug here)
Chloe Veltman (awaiting Chloe's plug here ;-)

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Prince Gomolvilas said...

Oh, so now theater critics review chili? WTF? Stop it.