Pain in my...

The theatre gods were out to get me at last night's rehearsal. I'm not sure what I did to piss them off, but the set and props attacked me. I bled twice.

In my last blog I explained how freeing restrictions can be in acting work. I enthusiastically described the odd joy of rehearsing a play in which we aren't permitted to leave our seats. I still fundamentally agree with my earlier assessment. However...

I now have a wooden plank embedded in my fleshy bum thanks to a fore mentioned chair. It's a real pain in my @&*!

I was lightly tapping on a drinking glass with a spatula for percussive effect during a run thru of the first scene when it suddenly shattered. A shard hit my bare foot, and I bled. But, I'm tough. No biggie.

About 5 minutes later, I shifted quickly in my seat to swing my legs to the side of my beloved chair, and I leaped up screaming "OW!" as a hefty sized piece of wood penetrated through my skirt and into my, well, you know. How many times do I have to say it? I had to lay on the floor, and let Julie take a look ...completely embarrassing.

As of this morning, there is still a little piece of the set wedged so far up under the skin, my fiance couldn't get to it with tweezers and a warm wash cloth. We tried. No luck.
I have to soak in a bath and hope the thing works it's way out eventually.

I can hear the gods laughing at my swollen behind.


Mollena said...

Now that is a mental image for the ages.

Cassie Beck said...

Finally squeezed the sucker out last night. How's that for imagery?