We can't leave our chairs, but the little guy can

And the Chronicle speaks.

"American trailer-park gothic meets classic horror story gothic and “Call of the Wild” elements in Lisa D’Amour’s electrifyingly musical, invigoratingly literary, smartly comic and unexpectedly deeply moving mother-daughter coming-of-age story about a 10-year-old and the golem she creates from mud in a derelict trailer park. Expertly staged by Rebecca Novick and performed with mesmerizing skill, the 90-minute Crowded Fire West Coast premiere is a stunning act of theatrical alchemy."--R. Hurwitt



Mollena said...

Stellar work provokes, I daresay, demands, an incandescent review.

Congratulations, cast crew and creators, for breaking the CF "Little Man of of the Chair" cherry.



D said...

congrats! It sounds fabulous - wish I could see it!