Playwright Lisa D'Amour comes to town

Anna Bella Eema playwright, Lisa D'Amour, is in town this coming week for part of our rehearsal process.

Do you know Lisa's work? If you like rich language, intricate storytelling, and innovative structure then she's a playwright fit for you. Now's your chance to meet her and view a piece of her work FOR FREE!

Lisa's work has never been produced in San Francisco and has rarely been produced on the West Coast, but people across the country are talking about her unique voice and style. We're excited for this opportunity to introduce her to the Bay Area Theater Community.

So come on out to the Magic (Northside Theatre) this Thursday, May 24th. We'll kick things off with cocktails at 7:00 pm followed by a sneak peak of Anna Bella Eema at 7:30 pm. We'll round of the evening with a little chatty chat between Lisa, Kent, and you!

It's sure to be a fun night - come check it out!

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D said...

I have heard great things about Lisa from so many people...and she and I were just performing *concurrently* in the World Financial Center of all strange places. But because the performances were concurrent I could never attend any of hers. :(

Too bad I won't get to see the CF Anna Bella Eema.