drop another dime in the jukebox

So, not so long ago I worked with a couple of krazy kats named Brandon and Prince on a little ditty they liked to call Jukebox Stories. They had a VERY succesful run in the basement of a little pizza joint called La Vals for Impact Theatre. Now I have done several shows in that basement space... for Impact and others, but this one was differant. Why you ask? Because this one belonged in the basement of a pizza joint. And I mean that as a compliment.

Appearantly, many other people thought so too. The fun, improvisational hijinks of Prince's stories paired with the ever-so-cute Brandon's songs... along with a good game of BINGO (and who doesn't love BINGO) created one of the more fun and differant evenings of theater I've been a proud papa too.

Well, guess what? THEY'RE BACK!!!! That's right... if you missed 'em the first time, check em out this time. Seems that one of their shows is already sold out... but catch the other if you can. Info is here.

And tell 'em The Monkey sent ya.

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Tim said...

Agreed! I saw that show too and called it "theater, cabaret, improv -- everything ever done on a stage in one fantastic night." Which Prince should be using in his marketing materials, if I do say so myself. Everyone, go see it!!